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SMM Automation: Services Overview1646644892

SMM Automation: Services Overview

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Communication, exchange of opinions and news? Not the main functions of social networks in modern conditions. They have become a powerful platform for advertising campaigns to promote business. Let's review 7 popular services designed for automation and efficiency of SMM.


A modern service - a glider for automating posts, scheduling publications in social networks. Used for such popular sites as: Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Viber, Twitter, Pinterest, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki. This is one of the popular services due to its wide functionality.

The SMM planner is a versatile way to plan and implement campaigns. But sometimes the methods of the service conflict with the rules of the networks. To understand the range of use, one should not be afraid to try. An alternative to the service was the use of the free high quality application Creator Studio.


A convenient service designed to process comments and messages. So, the possibilities will make it easy to create a mailing list in direct, follow the comments and new messages.

Notifications to the user's account come instantly. Leadfeed technologies make it possible to reduce communication with the target audience in one place, without multiple applications.

Live Dune

Used to analyze an account in social networks, or I will consider competitors. Allows you to get important data online, as well as effectively monitor comments and hashtags, schedule publications and launch their automatic comprehension. Suitable for most social networks, it is known as one of the most popular ways to monitor mentions.

The most popular link shortening app among marketers. It helps a lot to collect statistics, if you need results and analyzes of clicks on the link, which are included in the reduction.

Мotion mail

Offer option for adding a visual reverse report to the shares. This is an effective motivation for the audience to act. The possibility of choosing a design, setting a date and time for the end is thought out, the service simply generates codes that are later inserted into posts.

A free program is offered, a version with a limit of 20 thousand openings per month. Paid versions - used to expand the possibilities.


An application in the form of a random number generator, which is important for choosing the winners of the draws. The application is simple and understandable to everyone, you need to copy the link to the post and paste it into the field, the "I'm lucky" button and the process is started, the system will determine the winner.

A service with many benefits:

  • suitable for YouTube videos, posts on Instagram, VKontakte;
  • Excellent work speed;
  • Minimum traffic to support the functionality;
  • You can edit the settings for the draw;
  • Forms a separate account on Instagram with the placement of the results of the generator;
  • Submits comments in CSV$ format
  • Setting the choice of the author (if he left a lot of comments) or the comment itself;
  • You can check for a repost.

The use of the generator has long gained the trust of the audience, the interest in a fair draw.


A well-thought-out application with the ability to check the interests of the audience, analyze content for a specific group, community. Analytics is available both for your page and for competitors. With Popsters, you can get activity data, such as good posting time, reach, etc.

The platform will help sort publications by likes and reposts in various popular social networks.

Designing work using gliders, analytics of your pages and competitive ones, holding draws and other promotion options without special programs and assistants require a lot of work. Complex processes can be avoided by relying on automation. If the purpose of promotion is complex promotion.

With the help of SMM automation in combination with the work of an experienced SMM manager, you can get a guaranteed positive promotion result, with simplified actions and fast data processing.

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