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Many ready-made


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Why do you need to improve the existing site?

Without stable development and optimal performance, no site can achieve online success. Users will always prefer to place orders for goods / services on a perfectly working Internet resource, even if the company is small and has only recently appeared on the market. Perhaps any site sooner or later requires redesign, for example, it may require a redesign, change in functionality, and fix errors.

If you notice an incorrect site operation: the slider is buggy, the layout has gone, filters do not work, there are duplicate pages, broken links and pictures, empty meta tags, etc., try to solve it in time. Otherwise, you will face downtime of the online store, the inability to track sales and control the work of the company. And your partners and customers will lose access to contacts. To identify hidden errors, we recommend that you periodically order a site audit in order to timely identify shortcomings that interfere with the promotion of the portal on the Internet.

At the same time, technical errors are not always a problem. Sometimes a site that is supposed to generate profits or attract new customers does not cope with this task. In this case, the problem is not only technical - it is possible that the format was chosen incorrectly from the beginning, or there are gaps in the content. In such cases, the problem may go much deeper and may require an audit. Our team has extensive experience in working with existing sites, as well as in their finalization and optimization.

Website revision in Kiev and Odessa is often ordered by the owners of online stores and corporate sites. This service is required in the following cases:

  • The previous webmaster did a poor job of completing the order.
  • Services on the web resource require modernization.
  • Problems have arisen that cannot be dealt with on your own.
  • There is a need to create and configure product filters.
  • It is required to adapt the template for mobile gadgets to correctly display the web resource on different device screens.
  • There is a need to customize CRM.
  • The site is not profitable / new customers

By contacting us, you can be calm about the relevance and performance of the web resource. We upgrade sites as needed.

Stages of finalizing the existing site in Odessa

As you can imagine, it is not enough to create a website and fill it with the necessary information about goods. Improvement of the web resource must be carried out regularly, and it is better to trust this event to certified specialists. If you contact the professionals from our studio in a timely manner, you will solve the problems associated with a decrease in conversion and the competitiveness of the site in a week.

First of all, you need to apply for the completion of the site in Odessa. We will have a short conversation with you in order to find out what tasks need to be solved, and we will draw up the exact terms of reference. After that, a contract is concluded, an advance payment, an assessment of the cost of work. You provide access to your web resource and we take measures to improve the site according to the terms of reference. Next, we hand over the project and you pay the second part of the cost.

Why is it worth ordering a website redesign in Odessa from us? Price

5 reasons for the right choice in favor of our web studio:

  1. We comply with the terms. Even before the start of cooperation, we agree on deadlines and comply with them 100%.
  2. We know how to create a competitive product with 100% efficiency in a couple of weeks. Our specialists always follow the latest trends, search engine algorithms and know all the nuances that affect the attractiveness of a web resource for potential customers. Our team of designers, developers, testers apply the best new programming and SEO promotion in their work.
  3. Relevant, catchy design. Our designers are ready to make the necessary efforts to make your company's website attract visitors online, be interesting and useful.
  4. High performance. Before submitting the site, we conduct testing to make sure that the resource is working correctly and there is nothing repulsive about it.

The price for revising the site for each project starts from 1500 UAH and is calculated individually, as it depends on the desired corrections. Our team will do everything possible to make your website optimized and your business successful. Leave a request on the website or call the manager of our studio at the specified phone number. We will calculate how much time and money it will take to change your web resource.