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When the borders between the country are erased, the opportunities for promoting your business increase significantly. Website promotion abroad will be an effective solution to expand your project and reach a new level and market. So, website promotion in the West and in other regions will help to find a solvent audience. Investment in promotion, advertising integration will quickly pay off. How to effectively and correctly promote the site abroad, experts of our company will reveal.

Features of website promotion to the West

Before launching seo and other website promotion tools in Europe, England, the USA, Canada and other countries, it is important to analyze the risks and difficulties, find options for overcoming them and clearly plan a business strategy.
Among the main problems that website owners face are:

  • The language barrier. The best option is an English-language site and the addition of three, four additional translations with a focus on a specific country;
  • The mentality of the target audience. It is necessary to study the values ​​of society, current needs. This will help to properly present the product. The local market, and for example, promotion in the USA may differ significantly;
  • Competition. Promotion of foreign sites is a more difficult option. Local companies use proven marketing tools, sites hold strong positions in search engines. Competition is especially noticeable when using high-frequency queries. In addition, more businesses are able to make huge investments in advertising to keep their place in the rankings;
  • High price. To promote a site in the English-speaking Internet will cost twice as much. Even placing one link will cost about 100%, and unique texts, articles will incur large additional costs. On average, a check for promoting online stores in the West is about $20,000;

How is the advertising and promotion of sites?

Promotion algorithms are similar, they use internal and external optimization.

  • Internal optimization: creation of a semantic core, relevance, introduction of meta tags, content, usability and introduction of new technologies, services;
  • The external optimization process consists of link building. But do not forget about standards, intellectual property, corporate ethics.

Order website promotion to the West from Ocean-agency specialists

Ocean-agency offers the service of website promotion abroad on the most favorable terms. Experienced specialists use an integrated approach to solve urgent problems that the site will face in the future. We take into account the peculiarities of the sphere, focus on Google algorithms, use popular social networks, adaptation for the mobile version, voice search - tools that are so popular abroad. We offer the customer Internet localization (create a site for a specific country). Promotion of foreign sites will cost less than changing and adapting a ready-made resource for each region.