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Where are most of the items bought? Of course, in online stores that have become mega popular today. All this contributed to the fact that the number of such stores is increasing every day. But how to make the online store justify itself and bring the desired result? It's that simple! Correctly develop its design. It is the design of the online store that determines the fact whether its visitor stays on it or leaves from the first minute.

The design of an online store is a lot of work of specialists who will think over everything to the smallest detail, playing out all the ideas, bringing them to life. They need to find the approach to the target audience that will interest it, help them take a certain action, namely, place an order.

Types of design for the store

Design for online stores can vary in style, for example: minimalism, art deco, organic, classic, retro, etc. From a commercial point of view, there are three types of store design:

  • selling is a difficult type to develop. Such a design requires a complex solution from experienced professionals. Experienced marketers, designers, copywriters, programmers, layout designers, testers work on the creation of a web-design online store;
  • unique. For Internet resources that sell an original, competitive, atypical product, we always offer to develop this type of design. The unique style is able to emphasize the very "zest";
  • stereotyped. It is used quite often, it takes a minimum of time to develop it. The template design option has limited functionality and capabilities; it is not as effective as the selling type of design. Such a design of the resource is ordered by companies that have a low budget and who need a temporary version of web-design.

The advantage of ordering the design of an online store in Kiev and Odessa: price

What are we guided by when designing an online store:

  • simplicity - our goal is to make the store convenient and easy to use. Each visitor should understand how to place an order, where to enter, where and how to find what. At the same time, do everything mechanically, without hesitation;
  • rigor and laconism - we do not "smear" the site with unnecessary paints that distract from the product. Our task is to offer the product in the best colors, making it stand out from the background of the store itself;
  • corporate identity is what we adhere to without fail;
  • our own feature - we come up with a personal feature for your store that distinguishes it from other similar sites.

Refuse from template solutions and order a unique design of an online store from our specialists. We will make your business competitive and cost effective online.

Create a website design, price: stages

First of all, our marketer conducts an analytical study. This is done in order to understand the market, preferences, pains of the target audience, to analyze the topic of the future project. We will develop a prototype, help you choose the style, colors, fonts and other elements of the site. At the next stage, page layouts are drawn based on prototypes. In addition, we will develop an adaptive version of the design for the main pages. Adaptation helps to adapt the site to the screen size of any gadget.

The price for the design of an online store is calculated individually for each project, depending on the customer's preferences, the complexity of implementation, the timing and number of pages.

How is our web studio different from the rest?

  • high-quality performance of work - only experienced specialists with 5+ years of experience are engaged in the development of the design of an online store in Odessa;
  • we work for the result, we take into account the wishes of each client - we create solutions that help develop a business in any direction;
  • we conclude contracts;
  • we take a comprehensive approach to solving the set business problem;
  • affordable price for services.

We recommend trusting the development of web-design from qualified specialists with a good reputation. When ordering a design from unverified performers, you are not protected from low-quality work or the disappearance of the performer after an advance payment. Our team has a responsible approach to work, ready to implement complex designs that really sell products / services, as well as simple temporary solutions.

Send a request on the website and we will contact you during business hours.

Web design of an online store: features

Ordering an online store design is a popular solution for promoting and recognizing a business. Only true professionals who know all the nuances and features of creating a high-quality visual will be able to create a selling design for an online store.

What are the features of the correct design of an online store? Nowadays, the audience is increasingly choosing to buy services, goods, online. Opening your site for sale is available to many, even with a minimal budget. There are many free constructors, engines for forming the structure. But still, the unique design of the online store cannot be replaced with a ready-made template. Such a solution will bring higher traffic, increase user confidence and, accordingly, increase the number of transactions.

The development of an online store design consists of important elements:

  • site headers;
  • page layouts;
  • promo blocks;
  • footer (basement) of the site;
  • product cards.

Even the way the shopping cart looks can serve as motivation to buy.

An individual approach is the choice of colors, elements that can reveal a specific direction of sales, present the benefits of goods. This is the key to the successful promotion of the platform.

Development of design store prices in Kyiv, Odessa are varied. Ocean-agency specialists give the opportunity to choose from several packages, with different elements of visual execution, for any client request.