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Many ready-made


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Development and launch of startups from scratch

Startup creation is gaining momentum. Investments are often limited at the beginning of development. An entrepreneur has to invest his own funds in a project or use money from another existing business. It is impossible to realize brilliant ideas without good funding, as well as with the wrong organization of the workflow. It is important to stand out from competitors in order to be in demand in the market. We will be happy to offer ready-made solutions to bring your idea to life.

Success awaits those with thoughtful, detailed startup ideas. To avoid mistakes and pitfalls of the founder, entrust the creation of startups to certified specialists from our studio. Now you do not need to waste time and money on stuffing your own bumps. Our team will analyze the project and the viability of the idea before starting. We provide recommendations and consultations during the development of a startup. We sign a confidentiality agreement (NDA), so you can be sure that your data will not get to third parties.

Stages of creating a startup from scratch

Implementing startups with minimal investment is quite a difficult task that we can do. First of all, we analyze competitors and conduct a stress test. At this stage, we analyze what is on the market and how to do it better, what mistakes can be avoided. The next steps are:

  • prototyping + SEO design
  • development of the concept and design of pages
  • Front-end / Back-end startup development
  • database design, connections, work with data, server side of development
  • integration
  • testing
  • launch of the project.

After a successful product launch, you can continue to contact us for advice. We help each of our clients with the development of projects: support, updating, promotion.

Internet Startup Models

  1. Idea - Pitch. Chances are your startup needs investment. We will take on the development of a complete presentation that will impress investors. To do this, we will analyze the market, check the demand, segment the target audience, and select options for startups.
  2. MVP. In order to minimize the risk when creating startups, order the MVP service. We will do our best so that project ideas explode a niche audience - we will develop a mobile application, a Landing Page with minimal, key functionality ..
  3. Full Featured Product (project development)

Our team helps with the expansion of functionality, as well as with the promotion.

Why it is worth ordering the creation of a startup from Ocean Agency

If you want to launch an adequately assessed, unique and promising project that will not stand idle after entering the market, please contact us. Our team will help you develop a startup from scratch and develop it. We love interesting tasks and projects of any complexity with great potential. We do not use template tools; we undertake the implementation of non-standard solutions.

By contacting us, you can be sure of the predictability and transparency of the result. Our certified specialists will create a product in full accordance with your wishes. Adjustments are possible at any stage of the workflow.

The cost of creating a Startup project

Tell us about your project, what goals you want to achieve, and we will calculate the cost of creating a startup. The price of the service depends on the business tasks, the timing of the project, and your budget. Feel free - our managers will advise you for free. Call right now or fill out the form on the website.

Creating a startup - how to properly prepare?

The development of startup projects requires a number of important actions that will help evaluate the product in the future.

The startup organization consists of:

  • Carrying out marketing research. They help to understand the need of the idea, its task for the audience. Research consists of analysis, market research and a specific niche, target segments, competition, whether there will be demand;
  • Portrait of the target audience. The project will be more successfully implemented if you understand for whom the company has conceived it. It is necessary to identify the problem, the client's pain, and offer its solution;
  • Consumer rating. Who should create a startup? What price can be set for development? Why customer choose your products?
  • Think over a plan and marketing tools for promotion. It is not enough to create your own startup, you need to think about how to show it, convey it to the audience, and effectively promote it in the future;
  • Business plan. Startup development involves launching according to a well-planned plan. It includes the budget, employees, supplies, market, premises, sales funnel, and more;
  • Consider the risks. It is worth trying the mvp version first, with basic functionality, it will show weaknesses and possible problems.

Creating a startup from scratch is a service of Ocean-agency (Ukraine). Our experts will help to make a startup at a high level. The idea of ​​the customer will be carried out taking into account all stages of organizations. The agency's team consists of professionals from different areas, which will be able to effectively think through the project from different angles.