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SERM (Company Reputation Management)

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Many ready-made


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For what purposes are SERMs ordered?

SERM service means creating the most positive image about your company, offered goods or services. At the same time, this service includes a whole range of works, interconnected and working for one purpose. Thus, being on the Internet, you can manage your company / website, increasing its reputation among potential customers. It is worth using this kind of service, both for those who are just starting their own business, and for companies that are firmly on their feet. And this can be explained by one simple example, when among five positive reviews there is at least one negative one, this repels your customers. The competition has intensified, so it is important to take care of maintaining a positive information field around your company in advance.

What SERM gives:

  • generates positive reviews about your products / services - this happens by posting reviews on different sites and forums;
  • promotes all posted texts on your site;
  • optimizes the page with all its reviews.

On my own I would like to note that in addition to all of the above points in the use of SERMs, we analyze the search engine results, as well as monitor the results. For every negative review, we publish three positive reviews, which immediately brings it down. Or we contact those who were not satisfied with your product. We are trying to understand the reasons for this and offer the most appropriate way out of this situation. In any case, the SERM that we provide always works for a positive result.

What is included in the Ocean Agency SERM service?

  1. First of all, we will analyze the information field, collect data on reviews and publications. We will determine which target regions most require reputation management and set up SERP screening.
  2. The next step is developing a SERM strategy. We will come up with a work plan to promote positive or neutral feedback, as well as to eliminate unnecessary negativity.
  3. Regular work to eliminate negativity and form a positive background. Reporting. We will register on thematic sites and forums, as well as prepare positive materials for sowing on reputable resources and reviews. We will carry out work to oust negative references from the first pages and track new references on the network. We provide regular reports on the SERM service so that you can keep abreast of the work performed and the results obtained.

When SERM Fails

If your company has a huge number of negative reviews due to poor product quality and poor service, you have repeatedly deceived customers, then first of all you need to fix these issues within your company. And only then can you start working on improving your reputation.

It is important to identify the weak point and fix these problems. If you provide poor quality services, you have a lot of dissatisfied customers, temporary correction of the "opinion" of people will not resolve the issue of hate on the Internet.

Benefits of working with us

More than 94% of clients were satisfied with the cooperation with our studio, their number is constantly increasing. Our team can give a guarantee for the work of posting reviews, but we do not guarantee that negative information will not appear on the Internet again. We take on a variety of projects, so you can order a business analysis and services that you need from us. You can use our services one time or cooperate with us on a regular basis. The minimum price for SERM is 4000 UAH. Leave a request on the site - find out the cost of the service and receive an offer to your Email.

Features of building a reputation on the Internet

Brands are known in the market not only through the official website. Often, the search query returns other pages:

  • Service with reviews, online catalogs;
  • Search system service (Yandex, Google);
  • Platforms with ratings, tops, articles with reviews;
  • Social networks, mass media.

Ordering the serm service from Ocean-agency specialists means processing each version of the site, eliminating negative data, working and leaving only positive results, which will raise the brand to a new level.

The main advantages of serm services

Today, more and more business owners choose to order serm from specialists.

Reputation management on the Internet is an indispensable process for the formation of a high rating.

Serm specialist of Ocean-agency will help to form the right impression about the company of clients, facilitate promotion and other aspects.

The main advantages of the service:

  • Issue control. Reputation management in search engines helps to remove negative mentions in the TOP. So, it is possible to filter information that is in plain sight. This significantly improves the brand image, there is a formation of profitable positions. The serm service can replace branding tools. It is necessary to use a joint strategy for maximum results;
  • elimination of negative reviews. Feedback helps to find problems in the work and fix them. Such a move, in turn, increases the level of loyalty of site users.
  • Increasing trust. A large number of positive comments in the search engine indicates the acceptance of the target audience. New requests are formed, sales are increasing.
  • corporate reputation management increases market position. Using such marketing, the company stands out from its competitors.