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Creation of corporate site.

A business card for your online business.

What is a corporate website and why is it.

This is a resource for attracting new customers and partners. Thanks to the corporate website, you can get an additional audience on the Internet and tell them what your company does. Its creation is an important process that should be carried out by professionals, taking into account the wishes customer. Do not ignore the content for the site. It must be formed with taking into account all SEO requirements, be easy to understand and useful. Great for blogging, where you can consider specialized issues, thereby showing your competence.

How is it different from an online store?

Purpose of the site

The main purpose of a corporate website is to inform visitors about the company, its products and services and provide contact information. It serves to establish the brand and image company, increasing awareness and trust. At the same time, the online store is designed to sale of goods and services, order processing and payment.

Site cost

Creating a corporate website is a simpler process than creating an online store. Such the site does not require complex online payment functionality and is more suitable for companies that provide services or conduct sales offline.

Site structure

The corporate site has its own structure with a strong emphasis on the blog and information about companies. This allows you to communicate with customers in the format of training and show your company as an expert in your field. The main purpose of the site in this case is to get contacts potential client to contact him and help solve his problem.

Stages of development.

01Step one

Business and niche analysis.

Originally, we collect information related to the activities of your business and your niche. We analyze your competitors and find out why and how they are developing. The collected information always contains answers to the most pressing questions.

02Step two


We are working on the overall structure of the future site, its content and features. At this stage, the most important tasks are identified and secondary ones are discussed. Together with you, we come to a common understanding of how the future site will work.

03Step three

UI/UX Design.

At this step, the designer enters the workflow. Wishes and preferences are pre-negotiated with the customer on the appearance of the future site. Often clients choose sites with beautiful design - therefore, it is important to create a design that will hook the client and arouse interest. Also at this stage, SEO-optimized texts are being prepared for your site. This will allow your site to rise in the Google search results.

04Step four


At this point, the programmers get to work. They write code to make the site look like it does on the layout. You can visit the site and see how it will look. Additionally, our team will test the site for bugs and other inconsistencies. We check the functionality of the buttons, the possibility of feedback, and so on. Once fully prepared, we move on to the next stage.

05Step five

Release and support.

After the site is ready, we put it in the public domain - you and your customers can go to the site and use its features. Additionally, we also provide site support. Our team will always help you to implement any additional requests for website development.



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There are still questions ?

A corporate website is the official website of a specific company. As practice shows, it is the corporate website that acts as a kind of business card of the company. The thing is that it contains complete information about the company, its goals, functions, including a list of services provided by the company. Also, the history of the creation of the company, its contact information, etc. are placed there. In simple words, everything that can be useful for the user who first visited the page of the company of interest to him.

For example, if a site is created for a company engaged in trade, goods will be posted there, relative to their categories, a full description of the goods, terms of payment, delivery, information about possible promotions, various blog articles, etc.

Why is a corporate website created?

The creation of a corporate website is an excellent advertisement for the company, making it easier for it to work with business promotion. Today, every serious company should have its own website, so that every potential client has the opportunity to better get acquainted with it, namely, the services offered by the company, ask questions of interest about ordering, payment and delivery. The corporate site itself is quite voluminous and consists of many sections. Very often these are large companies, with many of their stores, so to speak, branches, which can be located both in the same or in different cities.

If you think logically, every second person spends a lot of time on a social network every day, visiting various Internet resources. So to speak, such a virtual web, in which you can stumble upon any site, including yours. At the same time, it is possible to get to your site both randomly and purposefully. According to statistics, in many niches more than 60% of the company's income comes from online purchases.

In addition, having your own website means not only increasing your popularity, but also raising the company's reputation. For example, if you are a fairly large company and do not have your own website on the Internet, it will surprise your customers. Why? Yes, at least because the modern world encourages everyone to create their own personal sites, otherwise, it is at least surprising.

What do you get from creating a Corporate website?

  • the search for new customers is carried out, with their subsequent attraction;
  • an opinion is formed about the company, its style, image;
  • a search for employees is carried out, with their subsequent involvement, which is always important for trade enterprises;
  • a more simplified connection is created between you and your customers.

In addition, the creation of a corporate website can be for the purpose of an advertising platform, where various links of the company will be placed, which also leads to an increase in profits.

The creation of a corporate website is the creation of an official company page that will replace a business card for it. It will contain all information about your site, including a list of services you offer, history of creation, contact details, etc. If you are, for example, a trading company, then your corporate site will have the following information: a list of offered goods, their description , possible payment and delivery options, various promotions and a blog of articles on topics similar to your activity. And how the site is designed correctly will affect the opinion of its visitors about your company.

By creating a corporate website, you can more effectively advertise your company, and, accordingly, what it offers. The site itself contains many sections, both for the product itself and the section for payment, delivery, etc.

What will the creation of a corporate website give:

  • increase in clients;
  • positive image for the company;
  • simplified customer communication system.

Also, you can create a corporate website so that it contains advertisements from different companies, including their links. This is beneficial both for the creators of such a site and for those who will place their advertisements on it.