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Startup promotion

Do you want to justify your investment in a startup and increase it? Then do not forget to start promoting your project. After all, without this there is no way! Only in this case everything will go like clockwork and your project will perform business tasks. It is possible to achieve a good profit with your product, but only with a competent marketing plan and a responsible team. Trust the launch of startups with support only to professionals, such as Ocean Agency!

The service Startup Promotion in Odessa allows you to:

  • make a newly created product recognizable, popular and attractive to potential customers as well as investors. The more people learn about a startup, the better for the business.
  • save money and human resources that a growing enterprise may need

Of course, you can promote yourself on your own. This can be done by those managers who do not particularly want to invest in the further development of the project and want to save money. Often, many startups do not have the relevant experience and education, and savings do not lead to anything good. After all, you can make more than one mistake in promotion, which will lead to the loss of money and time.

Why should you order a startup promotion in Odessa from Ocean Agency?

Promotion of a Startup in Odessa is the key to success and development. To promote a Startup, we are launching a powerful advertising campaign, which includes a set of activities from creating videos to promoting a website.

If you are a creative, ambitious and creative person, you want to ensure a successful start of your project, please contact us. Our team is ready to take on the promotion of your startup, prices are affordable. Our studio has 8 years of experience and 100+ successfully completed projects. We use only effective promotion channels in our work:

  • Advertising on social networks (target)
  • contextual advertising
  • Email Marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • SEO promotion

We develop a unique marketing development strategy for each startup. At the same time, we must take into account the goals of the project, the features of the product and the client's budget. We will analyze feedback, responses. This will allow for analysis and, if necessary, work on improving the proposed product.

After each stage of promoting a startup, you will receive a progress report. If necessary, we make adjustments, after making it we agree on the plan further. The team of our web studio is always in touch, so you can ask a question and consult at any time.

The cost of promoting startups

First of all, our specialists brief the client, analyze the client's situation and provide advice on further actions. You do not need to pay for a consultation, you can discuss all the details by phone, by writing to mail or skype. We start cooperation after agreeing on the details and signing the contract.

Our team will carry out marketing research of the project environment, as well as your competitors. By contacting us, you will receive valuable recommendations on the product, pricing policy, sales. We will adjust the existing strategy, conduct SWOT analysis, benchmarking, branding.

We specialize in small and medium-sized businesses, our services are affordable, our team knows how to work with limited resources. In addition, we guarantee confidentiality, that is, the information received during the provision of services will not be transferred to third parties.

The price of the service is influenced by the requirements, wishes of the client, the complexity of the project and the content. Leave a request, we will contact you, discuss the details and calculate the preliminary cost of the project.

How is the startup website promoted?

Promotion of a startup is a necessity that makes it possible to convey the idea to the target audience.

Popular solutions:

  • Marketing. The strategy consists of creating a brand, its philosophy. Thinking through a high-quality visual, corporate identity, presentation of information. It is worth emphasizing expertise in a niche, expanding the partner network and increasing reputation;
  • Creation of a checklist. It includes: benefits, exclusivity of offers, love for business and a high level of service, marketing launch using different tools;
  • SEO promotion. Working with search engines and entering the top of the issue significantly increases the likelihood of a conversion.

Ocean-agency specialists will help not only develop a startup, present it, but also promote it in a quality manner. Advertising will be justified by increasing traffic, increasing loyalty to the project and profit.