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Why is banner design so important?

One of the varieties of modern promotion of goods on the Internet is a banner. It is used to attract new customers to the products for sale, increase traffic, and increase the sales ratio. Too bright, annoying images only repel visitors and evoke associations with malicious sites. In order for the banner to attract the attention of customers, it must have a flawless design, there must be nothing superfluous in it. The design should be concise, pleasing to the eye. It's important to use the right font combinations and strong text to instantly engage the client.

Advertising banners can work through the prism of advertising platforms, social networks, advertising in Google Ads. They are often ordered by online retailers and service companies to attract customers to new specials, seasonal promotions or sales.

Banner Internet advertising still works effectively. After all, human perception is arranged in such a way that best of all we perceive and remember information visually. A banner is a great opportunity to advertise your company, brand, product with the highest quality. Thanks to modern analytics, you will be able to track the effectiveness of your ad impressions.

Entrust the creation of an effective banner design to professionals

For more than one year, our studio has been developing stylish and effective banner designs that have a professional appearance, cause an indelible impression on visitors, and inspire confidence. When ordering the creation of an advertising banner design from us, you get:

  • reduction in marketing campaign costs;
  • increasing the level of sales;
  • increasing brand awareness among your potential customers;
  • increasing web traffic to your website.

If you do not understand anything about design, branding, identity, modern trends and want to immediately turn to professionals, several people will take up your work. We will develop several visual concepts for the future advertising banner. Development of an advertising banner takes from several days to two weeks, depending on your requirements and the complexity of the order.

How is the development of banners for the site?

First of all, we study the industry and the direction of your business, determine what goals need to be achieved, identify consumer associations. To create an expressive and recognizable design, we need to study the advertising banners of your direct competitors and understand the preferences of the target audience.

At the next stage, we select the optimal color scheme, readable fonts, decide on the size and what type of banner you need (static or dynamic). You can provide us with your text for an advertising banner or entrust the creation of an advertising text to our team. After these stages, the development of the layout and the creation of a high-quality banner design takes place. After payment and possible corrections, you will receive ready-made files in the required formats.

How much does the service cost?

The cost of a banner design is calculated individually for each client, taking into account his budget and requirements. The price of the service depends on the urgency, the number of banner design options, and the complexity of the project task. If you want to order the development of an advertising banner with a unique and original design, taking into account the usability and portrait of the target audience, the cost of such a banner will be higher.

Our team creates unique and creative banner designs that help in the development of a web resource, reduce advertising and marketing costs. The result will exceed your expectations.

Leave a request on the website or contact our managers, and we will calculate what the final price for the banner design will be. You can find all the contact details of our company on the website.

Banner Design Features

On modern sites you can often find a variety of ads. Some users skip past, others catch and force you to go to the site. What stands behind launch performance, creativity and originality? No, banner design is also a whole series of basics and principles that specialists constantly use.

Ocean-agency offers the service of development and advertising banner design. Basically, they recommend implementing 6 main aspects before launching on the Internet:

  1. Correct structure, placement of elements;
  2. The visibility of the call to action button;
  3. Appropriate, competent image;
  4. Thoughtful color scheme;
  5. The inclusion of metaphors, surrealism is an understandable, but at the same time original approach;
  6. Dynamics. Animations, adding title lines will fit perfectly.

An effective banner design for a website is an advertisement that quickly pays off with an increase in traffic to the website. The price of the work is not high, updates are periodically available.