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There are still questions ?

Still not sure if you need a technical administrator for your site? Of course, if you are the owner of a small web portal / online store, successfully administer your website and you have not yet had problems that you could not deal with on your own, then you can do without a technical specialist for now. But sooner or later problems appear, the solution of which is best left to professionals. In addition, technology and fashion are constantly dictating something new. And your competitors are also moving forward and are actively developing their sites. And this must be taken into account! If the correct operation of your web project is important to you and you care about the reliability of the information posted, you will definitely need support and maintenance.

If you do not want to "break the wood", you should not cooperate with unverified specialists who can completely ruin everything and then disappear. It is best to order technical service (website support) from specialists from our web studio. We are able to quickly solve problems of any complexity. Our team works with sites running on the most popular platforms (OpenCart, WordPress, etc.).

Why is it impossible to do without technical support of the site?

Ease of use is an important factor in the development of any web resource that attracts potential customers - your regular and new customers. Without support and maintenance, your site will look unpresentable, it will be inconvenient to use it on desktop and mobile devices. As a result, there will be few orders from the site, and the company's income will be low.

You can not waste time studying the intricacies of the CMS, code, employee training and immediately contact our web studio. As a result, you get a site that meets the requirements of an advanced and relevant web project. Such a web resource will constantly attract the attention of users - your potential customers.

What is included in the cost of website support:

  • installation, payment for hosting / domain;
  • copywriting (writing and posting search engine-optimized content, promotional materials);
  • checking for malicious code, adding new features, eliminating existing errors;
  • backing up page content;
  • site administration;
  • audit and analysis of work;
  • if necessary: ‚Äč‚Äčdesign, layout, programming;
  • regular reporting, withdrawal of positions, useful recommendations, quality control.

In order for us to calculate the exact price of technical support for the site, you will need to fill out a brief. The advantage of maintaining a web portal is that our specialists will monitor the performance of your website 24/7. In the event of errors, failures in work, we immediately eliminate them so that the site continues to bring you profit.

Call our managers or leave a request on the site for the service "site support"!