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The process of creating a website is a troublesome job that requires attention to even the smallest details. Setting up optimization, setting up so that the site is quickly found by search engines, with a properly composed search question - all this is just a small part of an SEO audit. And you definitely can't do without the help of professionals in this regard. The site SEO audit service will help you not only find gaps in its development, but also eliminate all the errors that have arisen. Sometimes they are not essential and can be eliminated by the specialists conducting the SEO audit themselves, and sometimes they have to involve other specialists who are more competent in a particular field.

So, what does the SEO site audit service give:

  • the weight of the site is estimated, with all its main indicators;
  • the work of technical pages is checked, and the content itself is checked for uniqueness, texts for readability, etc.;
  • internal website optimization is checked;
  • analysis of external optimization is carried out, including the reference weight;
  • search queries are checked, and the site itself is checked for visibility regarding these queries;
  • find pages that are not indexed.

All these and not only these issues can be solved by SEO audit. Therefore, something, but this service should always be ordered if you want your site to work like a clock, bringing the desired result.

Who is this product for?

You may need the help of our professional specialists in the following cases:

  • you have not ordered an SEO audit for a long time, have not been involved in online advertising, and the site has been working for many years and in recent months the level of sales has decreased. We will conduct a qualitative analysis, give useful recommendations, determine the starting point;
  • new sites, if SEO recommendations were not taken into account when creating them. This allows you to understand the state of the site and what is required for the best result for SEO, and what actions can be abandoned;
  • after an unsuccessful promotion, in order to understand what mistakes were made and draw up an express plan to eliminate them;
  • any other sites after changing the structure or expanding the catalog with an assortment of goods.

In general, this service is necessary for all those who need to increase the number of sales, traffic to the pages of a web resource, improve the selling quality and performance of the site. It is recommended to conduct a surveillance audit of the web portal several times a year.

You can order SEO-analysis (SEO-audit) of the site and optimization at the best price in our Ocean Agency studio, either together with the promotion or separately. We will help you to form the correct strategy for the search engine optimization of your web resource, we will select the best channels for launching the promotion.

How much does an SEO audit cost?

The price of an SEO audit is calculated individually for each site, as it depends on the size of the web resource, the complexity of the project and the amount of work, how high the competition is in the topic. Our manager will estimate how long it will take to prepare the audit and provide a price list. Studio experts will answer all your questions and advise if necessary.

When ordering this service, you receive a file with detailed instructions and explanations with possible options for eliminating the identified problems in the technical part of the site. The implementation of SEO audit recommendations allows you to significantly improve the ranking of the web portal by the range of key queries. As a result, your site will have a higher position of the site in the search engine results, and the number of leads and the number of sales will increase.

To clarify the price for a seo-audit of a site in Odessa - fill out an application below and our studio will contact you within 30 minutes and provide all the necessary information.