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What are we doing

Creation of websites of any complexity

Development of various sites: from selling landing pages to well-thought-out online stores and corporate sites with technical solutions of any complexity.

Creation of websites of any complexity

UI/UX Design

Create a personalized and competitive visual for your brand or product that will win the heart of every customer.

UI/UX Design

Integrated Internet Marketing

Our specialists use all available promotion channels from SMM to SEO optimization and promotion in order to achieve the cheapest cost per lead for your business.

Integrated Internet Marketing

Website redesign

We will be happy to help you with the redesign of your current site - we will find opportunities for improvement, refine your web platform and give it a powerful push forward.

Website redesign


We use our 8 years of experience in a wide variety of niches to help you bring your wildest ideas to life - from new project ideas to improving the efficiency of existing businesses.



A complete analysis of your web platform and your competitors to find new opportunities and growth points to improve the performance of your business.


Why us?

1Why us?
Eight years of experience in various niches.

4Why us?
Detailed testing of all suggested solutions.

2Why us?
Clear pricing at every stage of the project.

5Why us?
Warranty for work after project delivery.

3Why us?
Our tools allow you to create limitless functionality on the site.

6Why us?
Full support by a personal manager at all stages of work.

Integrated internet marketing and the creation of premium sites

Turnkey website development

Turnkey website development is an excellent solution for people who are thinking about developing their own online business. Potential customers will be able to visit the ordered site and, if presented correctly, will bring a tangible increase in sales to your business. Turnkey website development is a service for those who prefer to get results immediately and quickly.

Order a turnkey corporate website

A turnkey corporate website is an individually designed mechanism for increasing sales. The reputation of the company, relations with customers and employees depend on the quality of the resource. You can order a corporate website from our agency in any convenient way: using a call to the manager, a feedback form or a message in the messenger. By contacting us, you do not have to look for employees for different types of work: designer, layout designer, programmer, copywriter, marketer, SEO optimizer. As a result, you will receive a ready-made business tool with support and promotion.

Turnkey corporate website development

After defining the tasks and drawing up the technical task, we proceed to the development of the future site. We take into account the wishes of each client and include them in the terms of reference in order to prevent the likelihood of future edits. Our employees will create a corporate website that will comply with the following principles:

  • presentable view;
  • concise and clear presentation of content;
  • friendly interface;
  • high speed of work;
  • reliable protection for admin. panels;
  • absence of typos and errors;
  • adaptability to the screen resolutions of different gadgets.

We use the latest developments and standards, paying attention to every detail.

Online store website

No online business is complete without an online store. It is important to create a resource that will be set up for sale. To do this, you need to make the purchase process as simple as possible and provide complete information about the product. Our specialists create responsive design and user-friendly interface. Thanks to an integrated approach to solving the assigned tasks, the most effective result will be achieved.

Features of website creation

The process is laborious and takes from 2 weeks to several months. Key stages of website development:

  • familiarization with the client's business, setting goals and drawing up technical specifications;
  • creation of a design project;
  • adaptive layout of the site;
  • programming;
  • filling the resource with information;
  • optimization;
  • testing;
  • commissioning.

After the completion of the entire complex of work, the customer receives a functional website, a password with a login from the services.

Comprehensive internet marketing

The Internet is a large platform where hundreds of sites with identical content compete with each other. To get the site to the top of the search results, they resort to the use of integrated Internet marketing.

We will competently plan advertising using effective Internet marketing tools to achieve our goals:

  • site audit;
  • SEO optimization;
  • contextual advertising;
  • banner advertising;
  • promotion in social networks.

Comprehensive internet marketing allows you to turn your website visitors into active buyers. By trusting our agency, soon you will notice an increase in sales and business growth of your company!

Ocean Agency is the leader of the modern market

Cooperating with our agency, you will be able to bring your business, regardless of its scale, to a new, higher quality level. Each client who contacts us will receive an online service with a stylish design, adapted for mobile gadgets. Ocean Agency is your faithful assistant in creating various types of websites!

Do you need to order a turnkey website development? Just call!