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Implementation of ERP systems


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The use of the erp system should start gradually. Ocean-agency specialists offer several solutions that are selected individually by the business. Which implementation of the erp system to choose? How is a software project different from others? Let's analyze in more detail.

ERP implementation options

Automation of processes in the work of enterprises, companies and organizations should be as comfortable as possible. Our agency Ocean-agency offers the following options:

  • Step by step integration of erp systems. First, automation of the processes of the main modules, and then its connection to all processes and activities. The decision takes a long time and its effectiveness will be noticeable after the final steps;
  • Complex launch at the enterprise. The program connects simultaneously and completely to all development elements. If the control structure is not complicated, it shows itself perfectly already at the first level of use. But before connecting the resource, specialists must conduct professional planning and testing;
  • A combination of launching an erp project in an enterprise. It consists of the implementation of developments for all modules, but in stages. The main choice of business representatives. Allows you to speed up the connection of innovations, with minimal loss of work quality.

Stages of erp implementation in Ukraine?

The development of a quality project and the effectiveness of the implementation of erp systems require a thorough, professional approach. Our team takes into account the ERP tasks for specific business activities as much as possible.

The preparation process eliminates haste and is organized into successive stages of work:

  • Company analytics. The direction of activity, the number of employees, production volumes, etc. All this determines the further functions of erp systems;
  • Determine the required level of automation. Elimination of repetitions of work on already automated business processes, their integration into a new development for management;
  • Work on unique processes that distinguish the enterprise from competitors;
  • erp system security. Identification of possible restrictions in the launch, risks, problems, errors.

After preparation, the Ocean-agency team offers:

  • Description of the project and processes that will be subject to automation;
  • Definition of the main functionality, elimination of inconsistencies with the necessary business processes;
  • Indication of the timing of the project, a calendar schedule for the stages of automation;
  • The cost of implementing an erp system;
  • List of tasks outside the scope of the agreed project (if necessary);
  • Training of company employees, presentation within the company;
  • Technical support by experts.

The cost of development depends on the amount of work, the complexity of the functionality, additional tasks. Our team is working to ensure maximum operating comfort, efficiency and safety of enterprise management.