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Previously familiar to everyone, paper catalogues are replacing modern Internet analogues from life. Such a website directory will allow you to more effectively convey information about the company and what it does to its visitors, thus creating a positive impression of yourself, strengthening your business.

What is a directory site?

The catalogue site is the same showcase, which is a huge multi-page resource that contains complete information about the product or service of interest to the visitor. So, the directory site has the following information:

  • company data;
  • types of its activities;
  • a catalogue with detailed information and descriptions of the products, services, etc. offered by the company;
  • contact information, including phone numbers and email, and the actual address of the company.

The structure of the resource itself will depend on the type and nature of the products offered by your company. But as for the design of the site, then there are no restrictions, with the wishes of the client above all.

Why is a catalogue site created?

If we compare the catalogue with an online store, then the first will allow more accessible and voluminous delivery of information to the visitor about the product he is interested in. This is a kind of storefront, only located on the web. Therefore, the catalog site will be useful to the following manufacturers:

  • those who are engaged in the production of exclusive and piece goods;
  • companies engaged in printing and printing services;
  • those who provide photography and design services, as well as services that do not have a fixed cost (tutoring, insurance, legal services, etc.);
  • companies engaged in a diverse type of activity;
  • enterprises providing logistics and transport services.

Benefits of creating a directory site

A catalogue site will be a particularly good solution for those who are not engaged in direct sales via the Internet. Thanks to him, you can create the most effective presentation of your services, contributing to their development.

The process of creating showcase sites is quite complicated, in which both technical specialists and marketers, SEO specialists, copywriters, etc. take part. The Ocean Agency provides comprehensive services, creating an effective resource, developing a design, including service service and technical support. In simple words, we take on your project and bring it to the end, helping you become a leader in your lanka.