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CRM for rental business will help to facilitate the management of various business processes. This is a development for automating the activities of both small and large companies. Implementation of modern technologies - effective organization of the rental business, delivery of warehouse, retail space for commerce, residential buildings and apartments, equipment, machinery, machines, etc.

Ocean-agency specialists in the development of crm for rent offer a functional, convenient and understandable software product. To order a CRM for business from us is to get a flexible solution with access to the expansion of functionality, reliability of use and taking into account all the features of the sphere.

What tasks does the rental business program help to solve?

Creation of crm for business is an opportunity to improve interaction with clients through solving a wide range of tasks. Among them:

  • Control of financial flows. Lease accounting;
  • Analytics of business processes, the ability to receive reports;
  • Increasing sales. The use of analytics, the elimination of weaknesses, can significantly increase income;
  • Optimization and automation of the rental business. The work of employees becomes more efficient, the workload is evenly distributed, and the processing of orders is accelerated.

A rental and rental accounting program is a requirement of the times in order to keep the business afloat, improve service and be competitive.

Crm for rental from Ocean-agency specialists

Ocean-agency is a team of professionals that offer the best developments to improve the quality of business. We offer crm for renting real estate, machinery, equipment and other objects. Work on the project always takes place individually, for a specific area of ​​activity. So, it is important to take into account:

  • accounting for lease payments;
  • order processing and operator actions;
  • formation of a client base (the client is entered into the database, with a record of the order history);
  • analytics (to evaluate overall results and specific decisions);
  • forecasting to increase revenue and select further marketing strategies.

Our specially designed interaction management will always bring faster results than template CRMs. Such a choice limits the functionality and often requires a lot of improvements, which will incur significant costs.

A professional automation solution will allow you to quickly implement it into the control system and get the desired results without any modifications.