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What is this service?

The usability audit service, which is divided into several types, not only finds, but also eliminates errors. And no matter what specific service you take, or it is possible in a comprehensive manner, all of them will be aimed at solving the following tasks:

  1. Identification and correction of errors that were found in the interface.
  2. Increase in the key metrics of the site.
  3. Determination of the degree of development of the site.

Ordering a usability audit of a website in Odessa means taking care of your potential and regular customers, helping your target audience find everything you need faster without unnecessary problems. People always return to convenient web portals where it is easy to place orders and, in most cases, recommend them to friends and acquaintances.

Who needs this service?

  1. online stores that have only recently started doing business online;
  2. content projects aimed at generating content;
  3. small and medium-sized businesses that receive few applications from the site;
  4. firms that plan to do business internationally.

Usability audit stages

Before starting work related to usability audit, the purpose of its implementation is determined. Only after that a work plan will be drawn up, which the specialists will adhere to. At the first stages, we study the behavior of visitors on the site, analyze your direct competitors to identify strengths and weaknesses, and determine what specifically reduces the conversion. Our team will analyze the structure, content of sites, colors and fonts. In addition, we will consider how graphics and animation affect the perception of visitors, study the operation of the site in different browsers, countries, check the compliance of the design with the company's activities, and much more.

At the end of the analysis, we provide a detailed report. In it, we indicate the tasks of the project, about the defects of the site and tell you how to eliminate them as quickly as possible. In addition, we always indicate the criticality of each problem and offer specific solutions. This will allow you to understand which recommendations should be implemented first.

You can eliminate errors on a web resource gradually. If you do not have the time and desire to do this on your own, we are ready to help you.

It is worth noting that with the help of such an audit, you can check how your users are comfortable working with the site, what possible problems, difficulties they have with their subsequent elimination. Ultimately, the bounce rate decreases, the interface itself becomes simpler and more understandable for the user, and the conversion increases. As a result, I want to say one thing, this service was invented for a reason, it always justifies itself and gives a positive result that affects sales. And high sales is the goal of creating any website, isn't it ?! Therefore, trust the professionals, and you yourself will see all the benefits of this service.

Usability audit price in Odessa

The cost of a usability audit is calculated for each site individually. The price of the service is influenced by the complexity of the project and the chosen method of assessment. To assess the usability of the interface, it involves its own experts, or representatives of a real target audience. By contacting us, you get system reporting, transparency in development processes.

A high level of usability is the only way to stay profitable in today's market and stand out from the competition. If you want to reduce traffic losses and make your web resource truly competitive, contact us today. Leave a request on the site or call!

Checking the usability of the site is an essential element of the effective operation of the site. On some resources, users linger, make conversions. Others, with an interesting design and wide functionality, may not be successful at all. What is the reason? An inconvenient interface, a confusing structure, a complex search - scare away customers. This site makes me want to leave.

Effective Usability testing will help turn visitors into regular customers thanks to a comfortable platform.

What is a website usability check?

The modern market of services and goods is a high competition in which you need to keep abreast of new products. Resource owners should monitor trends, introduce new features into the site, periodically conduct usability testing. Such an assessment should be carried out by specialists. They will help reduce investment in updates, choose effective solutions for specific activities.

Usability testing can be done in a variety of ways. Most commonly used:

  • "Corridor" option. It involves the execution of tasks from moderators, using special software that records sessions.
  • Expert evaluation. The expert analyzes the site for convenience according to a well-thought-out algorithm of requirements. Based on this, the specialist can formulate a list of tasks for further improvement of the platform;
  • A/B type testing. Used to define marketing tools. Shows the best web pages of the site or elements that help to get high conversions.

Aspects that improve the usability of the site in Kyiv, Odessa

Analysis of the site for usability by specialists shows a number of aspects that should be taken into account in the development and content of the site:

  • Simple, intuitive interface. No need to overload the pages with many categories, products, this scares off visitors;
  • Simple content. Text, pictures, videos should be simple, relevant and informative. Terms, complex phrases, intricate schemes are not perceived by the audience;
  • Thoughtful placement of data. It is better to fix the main information at the top. It is worth making separate blocks, paragraphs, intervals, which increases the perception by the client;
  • aesthetic visual. Buttons to buy, a basket, payment should attract, and not repel with their appearance;
  • Specifics. You should not compare the resource with competitors, but you can favorably emphasize the advantages of cooperation, the benefits of products, and the solution to the "pain" of the target audience.

A simple usability analysis is often done on your own using prompts from the Internet. But such an audit is not always effective. Cooperation with specialists is an opportunity to improve problem areas, present the page correctly for the user. Ocean-agency studio is a whole team of professionals who can create excellent website usability. We have designers, marketers, SEOs, programmers, they know exactly what a high-quality business Internet resource should look like.