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Website redesign

The site is one of the main business tools, the second face of the company. Therefore, it should be designed appropriately, be convenient and understandable for the user. It is with the site that customers evaluate your status and competitiveness. We advise you not to neglect its modernization. The price of this service pays off in just 2-3 months.

Redesigning a web resource implies updating the design, navigating a web resource, filling with updated information. All design elements must be thought out to the smallest detail, so entrust this service to our Ocean Agency team.

We are ready to make a cheap website redesign:

  • visual - when color correction is performed;
  • functional - aimed at improving the usability of the resource. For this, new headings, pages, sections, etc. are being developed;
  • technical - carried out to optimize the structure of the code, change the speed of loading pages, remove bugs. Thus, the position of the site in the search results is increased.

We also carry out a deep redesign of the web resource. This service involves changing the visual, functional and technical components of the site.

When do you need a website redesign?

Website redesign in Ukraine (Kiev, Odessa) is carried out in the following cases:

  • the portal looks old-fashioned against the background of your competitors; it has not been updated for more than 3 years;
  • the electronic resource was created using the constructor and you want to transfer your site to a new platform;
  • decrease in conversion;
  • visitor complaints - there are many errors on the site, people cannot quickly find and purchase the necessary product or service, and express dissatisfaction;
  • introduction of new technologies and goods.

You should always be in trend, be aware of what is happening in the web industry and regularly upgrade the site. It is not for nothing that world-famous organizations carry out a redesign at least three years. Some firms are ordering rebranding to meet the business requirements and expectations of potential clients.

When is it worth ordering the creation of a new website design?

High-quality website redesign in Odessa is a useful service for those who want to:

  • profitably present your business. A well-designed website with a well-thought-out design presents the business on the web in the best way. As a result, the conversion will increase, you will get even more new visitors, and the business will start bringing in even more money.
  • Improve positioning in the service market. If you want to be better than your competitors, to attract the attention of customers, you cannot do without a high-quality website with an interesting and convenient design.
  • Inform the visitors of the resource about the company's activities, its services / products, new brand opportunities.
  • Attracting new partners.
  • Reduce the cost of customer acquisition. Having a well-designed website, there is no particular need to spend money on a million different ways of advertising.

Modernization always inspires confidence among potential customers. In any case, clients will notice and appreciate that you are serious, investing in your development and keeping up with the times.

How is a website redesigned for a responsive layout?

Order a website redesign for an adaptive layout in Odessa with us and you will attract 50% more visitors. Web portals without proper adaptation rarely attract visitors. Draw conclusions.

You can order a website redesign for mobile devices today and in a few weeks your resource will change for the better. First of all, our web specialists will conduct a thorough analysis of the market and competitors, we will study the needs of the target audience, the current state of the site. You will need to answer the questions of the website redesign brief, send examples of "good" and "bad" sites in your opinion. Based on the data received, our team will form a technical task.

Then we create a prototype, make a cut of the design, do the layout and install the site on the platform you need. At each stage, you need to be in touch to agree on the results. This will exclude further alterations.

Further, our specialists check the performance, stability of the new site and launch it.

Order a website redesign inexpensively in Odessa and Ukraine

The redesign, carried out by our designers, is always displayed correctly on all gadgets, popular browsers (Opera, Chrome, Mozilla, etc.), has a well thought-out usability. We will make sure that the website meets the requirements of SEO optimization. As a result, your position of your site will rise in the search results.

A personal manager will be in touch with you, who will accompany you until the completion of the project. As a result, you get a site with a well-thought-out structure and selling elements. Our designers and developers deliver work on time, delays are excluded.

The price of website development and redesign in Kiev is calculated individually for each project. The final cost of the service is specified with the manager. Call the indicated phone number and leave an online application. Our team will do everything in the best possible way.

Website redesign - the process of high-quality updating of the site

Website redesign services from Ocean-agency have recently been in great demand. Redesigning a site is equal to changing its appearance, increasing its attractiveness to visitors. Ordering a website redesign from professionals is an opportunity not only to see the site in a new way, but also to update the interface, functionality, and possibly switch to a new platform. Modernization of the structure of the resource is possible both partially and complete redesign and alteration of the site.

What does the work on changing the site give? The redesign of the company's website shows its desire for development, tracking trends. The approach forms a positive image of the brand, the growth of interest, and the trust of visitors.

Ocean-agency studio will be able to carry out both a unique design and an effective redesign of a turnkey website. The price of the service depends on the scope of work, terms. So, most often it includes the development of a visual, control system and interface.

Website redesign inexpensively is a partial update option:

  • technical;
  • functional;
  • visual.

The full complex will cost more, but its effectiveness will be higher for the further development of the site.