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Marketplace creation

Marketplace is a specialized web resource that provides suppliers' products, allowing suppliers to sell products or services. The creation of an online marketplace site opens up many opportunities for online business. You can order the creation of a marketplace in Odessa in our studio by calling.

What kind of marketplaces are there?

  • commodity
  • service
  • informational online marketplace

Why are marketplaces good?

The advantages of the online e-commerce marketplace for businessmen are that they can place their product on a ready-made platform. At the same time, there is no need to spend money on developing your own portal, promoting an online store (SEO, PPC, SMM). Consumers visit the service with a desire to purchase a particular product. In addition, you do not have to "bother" a cold audience with advertising. It is enough to correctly describe the advantages of a particular product, indicate all the necessary characteristics and, photos, video reviews.

Advantages of aggregate sites:

  • adaptability to any device. There is no particular need to develop a mobile version of the store separately. Therefore, it is profitable for sellers to use marketplaces for their own purposes.
  • quick store setup
  • business process automation. Marketplaces provide automatic orders, automatic calculation of product balances and other tools. This greatly simplifies online trading.
  • data security - secure servers are provided on aggregate sites. Technical errors are excluded thanks to backup
  • optimization of promotion. The online marketplace provides excellent opportunities to customize content in such a way that it attracts customers.

We are ready to create a marketplace for the following business areas:

  • sale of products;
  • rental of property;
  • buying tickets;
  • courier services;
  • food delivery;
  • Financial services;
  • job search.

Each business area has its own characteristics, which are taken into account by our business analysts. For the successful creation of a financial or educational marketplace, we conduct in-depth analysis and broad expertise.

It is profitable to order the creation of a marketplace in Odessa at Ocean Agency

We help to implement projects and various ideas of our clients, technical support from 3 months is possible. First of all, we carefully think over the business idea, determine for what purposes the platform is being created, study the specifics of the niche and market. In addition, we select methods for solving business problems, conduct an analysis of competitors, and form a general vision of the project. Next, we determine how long it will take to implement the project and estimate how much it will cost.

You can find out the exact cost of creating a marketplace only after the prototype is approved.

After analytics, we develop a prototype of the project, a visual part. Next, we proceed to the technical implementation. Each step is approved with the customer. Before launching, we conduct testing to eliminate errors, bugs, and potential customers could conveniently use the site. We do not launch the project until we are sure that everything is working perfectly.

The staff includes designers, marketers, developers, testers, the whole team is focused on effective results. Our designers pay great attention not only to the technical part, but also to the visual design, we use the corporate identity, we make the interface pleasant and understandable.

Secret payments or unexpected price tags are excluded. The price of creating a marketplace may change during the course of work, and we always warn about this and offer alternative solutions.

It is easy to order the creation of turnkey marketplace sites - fill out an application on the site or call, and we will consult and answer your questions. Thanks to our help, you will understand how everything works, what tools may be required and how the project will look in the future. You can also come to our office and get advice in person. Interested in the service? Contact us! Trust the development of your business to the specialists of our studio, the results will pleasantly surprise you.