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Email marketing service includes a whole range of works, the main task of which will be to retain or return customers to your website and the products you offer. The use of such a service always has a positive effect on business in any area, the effectiveness of its activities, on the development of online stores and corporate sites.

What Email Marketing Gives You:

  • helps to increase sales and, accordingly, profits;
  • to raise “sleeping clients” by means of offers that are interesting to them;
  • promote your product to a really interested audience in it;
  • increase site traffic;
  • contributes to the fact that the brand becomes more recognizable.

The email marketing service itself includes a complete market analysis, research of competitors and their products, as well as the way they work. We also carry out full technical training, collect information with the preparation of a content mailing plan. It makes no difference for us whether you are a beginner in your activity or a pro. We will listen to all your wishes and help to bring them to life. Our specialists will revise your database, will deal with mailings aimed at attracting both new customers and old ones. In any case, cooperation with us will always give a positive result!

How often can you send emails?

It is important here to consider how readers react to the frequency of receiving emails. You can send e-mail newsletters every day or 3-4 times a month. Try experimenting with different segments, do different types of mailings and analyze the results of your work. Send a welcome letter within an hour after successful registration, the second can be sent after a day, the next - in 2-3 days.

Stages of email marketing

  1. We study the specifics of your project, analyze the target audience, competitors, the current situation with mailings.
  2. We determine what goals need to be achieved, we draw up a plan for the effective implementation of email marketing.
  3. We set up tools for mailings, develop responsive layout, prepare unique design and content.
  4. We collect and update the contact database.
  5. Distribution of useful and interesting information.
  6. We analyze the results of the work, study the open rate of letters.
  7. We work on bugs, provide reports. You will receive valuable advertising tips.

We are ready to help with increasing the income of clients in niches:

  • Internet shops.
  • Insurance.
  • Information business.
  • Educational projects.
  • Online services.
  • Content sites.

Email, SMS, Viber and Push mailings are a profitable and effective sales channel. This is an inexpensive and simple tool for increasing the number of sales, allowing you to increase a company's check by 10-15 percent. The profit of your company depends on how competently you use mailings. If you notice that your customer base is decreasing, your mailing does not produce the desired results, your emails are not read and you have no idea how to interest subscribers with your services or products, order email marketing from certified specialists. Go to action - fill out the brief, and we will start marketing for you from scratch or "upgrade" the existing one. Your letters will be liked by 80% of your target audience!

The tools and types of mailings we use

  • Triggered mailings. We are engaged in setting up standard and customized triggers.
  • Welcome series. An automated series of emails helps warm up users for a purchase.
  • Promotional mailings. They are configured to notify readers with promotions, promotional codes and special offers.
  • Newsletters. To form the expertise of the company and increase the loyalty of the target audience, it is important to regularly send useful content to readers. Do you agree? This is what we will do.
  • Promotions for specific events. We help to carry out mass promotions, as well as personalized mailings.
  • Reactivation chains. They allow you to return customers who have forgotten about you and have not contacted for a long time.
  • Email polls. This is done in order to better understand the audience and conduct a thorough segmentation.

You can get advice from an experienced internet marketer, set up advertising, order an email campaign in Ukraine and Odessa in the Ocean Agency studio. We have a comprehensive approach to business promotion on social networks, develop content plans and promote brands on the network to increase sales at minimal cost. We will analyze your target audience, as well as the strategies used by your competitors, and show you how to avoid their mistakes. Apply for Email Marketing now.

What are the benefits of email marketing for business?

Email marketing is a popular marketing tool. Efficiency is proven by high sales figures - an average increase of 30%. Letters from the company to customers form loyalty, a base of active buyers.

What are the benefits of email marketing services?

  • E-mailing is inexpensive to maintain. You can choose the best service that will meet the strategy and meet the requirements of business owners. Some tools allow you to send messages at minimal cost;
  • Current database of subscribers. If the client showed no interaction, it is automatically cleared. At the same time, the right email strategy, on the contrary, maintains the interest of customers.
  • Proper interaction with the audience. This is the formation of loyalty, maintaining communication, without investing new funds (only paying a copywriter);
  • Email automation is an effective solution to move months ahead. You can send messages in the form of a chain with a time setting;
  • Return of clients. For online stores in which a person visited, but never made a purchase, you need to remind yourself. It is also relevant if the user bought the product, with the offer of new options. Mailings with a special button, when pressed, show the activity of the base, its relevance.

Ordering turnkey email marketing is available from Ocean-agency specialists. The electronic method of reminding about the site must be properly configured, take into account all the features of the activity, the tasks that need to be completed, and outline the further strategy of action.

The cost of promotion is calculated on an individual basis. With the help of specialists, their knowledge, you can increase the number of customers, raise your business to a new level.