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About the project: an online store of hookah products has been operating since 2015, previously other specialists worked with the site, organic was the main source of traffic. The main difficulty of this project is that hookah products are classified by search engines as a shadow topic, which greatly complicates the process of promotion through all channels.

Online Store Framework: PHP Laravel + Vue.js

Search engine: Google

Region: Ukraine

Cooperation period: from February 1, 2021

Goal: To bring the online store to the TOP of the Ukrainian market in the organic search results of Google, while increasing the number of sales on the site


  • Collection of a complete semantic core on this topic
  • Technical optimization of the site and elimination of errors affecting indexing
  • Refinement of additional functionality on the site, which will increase the position
  • Working with content on the site, taking into account target and near-target requests

SEO audit

The first step was to conduct a full-fledged SEO audit in order to identify the main technical errors on the site and draw up a plan to eliminate them. The audit showed the presence of a large number of errors - broken pages, duplicates of the main SEO elements on different pages of the site, duplicate pages, and many others.

Below are some of the works that were carried out based on the detailed audit:

  1. "Broken" links on the site were eliminated;
  2. Duplicate pages of the site were eliminated (they merged mirror pages, set up redirects to technical duplicates, set up case insensitivity, etc.);
  3. A valid XML sitemap has been created;
  4. On-page optimization of each page of the resource was carried out.

Content management

Our team has collected a complete semantic core on this topic and analyzed all the content on the site. The work of a copywriter was carried out to optimize the current content and a plan was formed for further filling the online store to increase traffic for targeted and near-target queries. As a result, we managed to increase the use of keywords by more than 2 times in a year of work.

Our specialists gradually followed the plan and filled the blog pages, product descriptions and other content pages using relevant keywords.

Working with reference mass

Since previously the work that was carried out on links was insufficient due to high competition in the market, we chose the linkbuilding strategy, which involves increasing the link mass at minimal cost. As a result, we managed to increase the domain rating by 20% in a year of work.

Technical solutions

Micro markup

Our experts set up micro-markups for most pages - blog, catalog page, product cards, contacts, etc. Some of the configured micro-markups are shown below:

Individual cities

After the analysis, our team found that a large number of long-tail queries on this topic include specific cities. Therefore, our specialists introduced a division into the site by cities, for which there were more than 10 targeted requests per month. Thus, the search engine began to give the site more weight than competitors.

Dynamic footer

A unique technical solution was the placement of the bottom block with all the semantics of the site. This block generates a set of unique keywords on each individual page, thus increasing the weight of each page in Google for different keywords.

Number of pages

Our specialists also implemented a solution to display pages of identical products in different colors on separate pages, thus increasing the number of pages on the site. This decision and the decision to divide the site pages into major cities allowed us to greatly increase the size of the site and the authority of search engines.

We started working with this resource with an indicator of 1000 pages. After the release of our solutions, the number of pages increased by 5 times:


After three months of cooperation, the project showed excellent growth in Google search results. Requests for which the online store was below the 10th position moved into the TOP-3. Many queries also made it to the TOP-1:

If you look at the overall position of the online store for the target key queries:

73% of requests were displayed in the TOP-10, of which 29% - in the TOP-3.

As a result of our work, we managed to increase the number of organic traffic sessions by 112.9% compared to the same period last year. A 61.3% increase in income was also achieved.