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Galliano Evolution

Training complex -

UI/UX Design Development of a corporate website Laravel

about the client:

Creating a website with personalized training options based on the users gender and needs. In addition, the site offers ordering of personal training and nutrition from a trainer.


The site should be simple and easy for users to understand. Mobile adaptability and accessibility on any device are important. Structured navigation and logical placement of elements will help users quickly navigate the site and find the information they need.

Get perfect shape in no time!

A site with trainings by a personal trainer allows people to engage in physical rights at whatever time is convenient for them, which is an important element of a healthy way of life and support of physical form.


Research process

1. Defining the target audience

The first step is to define the group of people who will use the website. These may be people who want to increase muscle mass, improve their physical fitness, or prepare for competitions. It is important to understand who exactly will use the site, as this will help create a convenient and useful platform for them.

2. Analyzing competitors

Research competitors and learn how they present their services and what features they offer on their web pages. This will help understand what opportunities exist in the market and how to differentiate from competitors.


The Mobile First approach is a method of designing websites and interfaces, in which a version for mobile devices with a small screen width is created first, and then it is expanded for larger devices with a large screen.


Computer version

Design solutions

We approached the search for workouts with personal attention to personal needs and comfort. In our approach, we focus not only on standard templates, but also on elements developed for a personal comfortable experience.

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An interesting new project in the experience of Ocean-agency specialists is the development of a holistic, comfortable and modern corporate website with personal training.

The client requested to create a website with advanced features for visitors: convenient and quick audience definition, gender selection, needs, and more.

The resource also makes it possible to order personal training, buy a menu with a meal schedule from a professional trainer.

The team studied in detail, analyzed the requests and proposed a simple, lightweight site with an excellent perception from visitors.

A separate, mandatory range of work is high mobile development adaptability, the ability to access the resource from any device.

The bet is also made on the structure. So, a convenient navigation system, the optimal arrangement of elements are thought out. A visitor to the platform will be able to easily navigate through the pages and quickly find the information they need.

What stages of work have been completed?

Work on a corporate website with an offer of a set of trainers ok GALLIANOEVOLUTION.IT is a range of UI / UX solutions, using the Laravel platform.

  1. Research and analytics of activities;
  2. Creation of prototypes: computer and mobile versions;
  3. Design solution.

The first stage of research and analytics included: studying the target audience and analytics of competition in the field.

Experts have identified user groups - athletes who want to improve their shape, increase muscle mass, who want to lose extra pounds or, vice versa, gain weight without harm to health. All this data helped to understand what kind of audience the site visitors are and offer it maximum convenience and usefulness in using the resource.

Competitive intelligence is important for any business. This is a good way to study the market, offers, provide more profitable solutions for customers, and be qualitatively different.

Prototyping is focused both on PC users and adaptation to mobile devices.

The team chose to use the Mobile First method. The solution is focused on designing Web sites and interfaces, initially for versions adapted to mobile gadgets, for a small display width and only then expanding them to computer monitors and other large screens.

The design of the site is focused on the comfort of personal use by the client. The platform will help find solutions for individual user needs. These are not only standard templates, but elements in the client's personal account are designed to improve the convenience of training, nutrition, ordering and payment, and other interactions. This approach helps to significantly increase product loyalty.