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Corporate website

Корпоративный сайт

SPETSSTROYMONTAZH-YUG is a company. engaged in land management, geodesy and construction work in Ukraine. Our task is to create a corporate website for them, which would be able to tell customers more about the company and would allow them to search additional clients.


Develop a unique design Develop a unique design

Creating a suitable site structure Creating a suitable site structure

Launching a site using Laravel technology Launching a site using Laravel technology

Primary SEO-optimization of the site Primary SEO-optimization of the site

Corporate site


We created an adaptive version for viewing from a mobile phone

A corporate website is a business card of a company in the modern world. Our specialists managed to develop a functional website, with the most detailed description of services for the company "Spets Stroy Montazh Yug". Direction of activity: services in geodesy and land management, works on projects and construction. The company from Odessa has been in the field for many years, has collaborated with many well-known organizations. The main requirement of the customer was the disclosure of a wide range of services in a discreet and concise corporate website.

Features of the corporate site “Spets Stroy Montazh Yug”

The main page of the resource "Spets Stroy Montazh Yug" - a well-thought-out interface highlighting an important function - feedback. It is in this window that the user can leave his phone number to receive information from the company's specialists.

The advantages of the company are highlighted: great experience, customer focus, no risks, guarantees, etc. Such a decision undoubtedly inspires confidence in the target audience. The site shows the openness of the company, the willingness to cooperate right now.

Construction and surveying services are many smaller services that should be considered when performing work. On the main page of the site, the main categories are presented with the ability to switch to the type of service that the client is interested in:

  • geodesy and land management (engineering, topographic, cadastral survey, etc.);
  • design work (construction and technical passport, services of a designer, architect, constructor, draft and design projects);
  • project management: residential, public, suburban and industrial construction, reconstruction;
  • all types of construction work;
  • rental of special equipment.

The pride of the company is the “Our Works” section, which most clearly presents the results of effective activities in the field.

Thoughtful communication options for the client: phone, telegram, viber, whatsapp.