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Online hookah store ‚ÄĒ

Buy a hookah


1. Create an online store for sale hookah products


1. Create a responsive design
2. Create convenient site navigation
3. Work out a product card with detailed description and the ability to arrange purchase on the site

Buy a hookah


We paid special attention to the elaboration of the catalog. For online store it is important that the catalog and navigation are convenient and native for the client

Buy a hookah

Card Product

Collected all the necessary information on each product in one place

Buy a hookah


We created an adaptive version for viewing from a mobile phone

“Buy a hookah” is an online store selling smoking devices from the world's best manufacturers. In this project, our team was engaged in both design development and layout of the online store. We managed to create a functional, user-friendly website that can present a business in a favorable light. All the details are thought out so that the user receives maximum comfort and can buy a hookah and accessories for it with pleasure.

Development of the layout of the online store of hookahs

When creating the site layout "Buy hookah", we took into account all the wishes of the client - we selected brand colors and created layouts for each page:

  • black, red and gray colors look very noble, attract the user's attention;
  • two versions of the site in Ukrainian and Russian to meet the wishes of customers from all over the country;
  • convenient site navigation, a thoughtful filter system for quick product search by main characteristics: category, country of origin, equipment, price, etc .;
  • a detailed description of product cards: several photos, technical parameters, information about the brand, the ability to add to favorites for comparison of several items, a description of the features, advantages of the selected model.

Main page features

A visit to the Buy Hookah website should make the target audience want to enjoy the fragrant smoke. The visual part of the site is thought out to the smallest detail. We are greeted by a presentable picture with a selection of popular models and a very favorable discount.

For comfort, there is a separate page “For the Buyer”, interesting articles with reviews, ratings, comparisons of hookahs, tips on how to make the process even better and more efficient for the smoker.

The “Brands” page has become an excellent information solution, with the help of which you can find out the history, features, series of products from a particular manufacturer.

Registration in a personal account is fast - this is a personalization option, an individual approach to the client, which simplifies the process of making a purchase and ties the user to the site, developing desires to return.

Product catalog

Additionally, work has been done to make the product catalog convenient and understandable for the client.

When laying out the site, we used PHP Laravel technology in order to give the site more functionality. Our specialists carried out a separate work to create a clear navigation through the catalog with a large number of filters.

Key items in the catalog include:

  • hookahs;
  • mines;
  • flasks;
  • accessories;
  • coal for hookah;
  • discounts.

The range of the site is huge, you can buy a hookah and all the extras in one place.

Additionally added functionality for online order payment. We also developed a mobile version of the online store, which allows you to use the site from smartphones without discomfort. The adaptive version expands the target audience, access to the site. You can order goods with delivery at any time and to every locality in Ukraine.