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Development and creation of sites on Laravel

4 min.

Any business needs its own website to generate sales and attract visitors. Even small firms that have only recently entered the market have representative offices on the network. Unfortunately, not all sites are unique, practical to use, not all portals are highly functional. Therefore, it is important to take care of creating a high-quality project in advance in accordance with the specifics of the business and the expectations of customers. To develop projects with a logically built architecture of pages, we recommend using the Laravel service.

Laravel is a convenient, functional, and most importantly, a free PHP framework for developing practical and user-friendly sites. The service was launched in 2011 and is popular among developers to this day. On it you can create projects of all types and levels of complexity. Consider how sites are created in Laravel and what is the advantage of the site.


Who is Laravel for?

The framework is flexible, so it is often used to solve non-standard and complex tasks. The service has a fairly wide functionality, it has good flexibility for introducing original ideas. This allows you to easily create a structured architecture, as well as build caching.

Laravel is suitable for:

  • development of personal sites;
  • creation of an auction, marketplaces, social networks, startups and online stores with a wide range of goods;
  • development of various kinds of applications and video services (projects with high load).

By choosing Laravel, the user gets access to a wide range of functionality. However, the development of a site from scratch should be trusted by professionals who have enough knowledge and experience to implement all ideas. After all, not all entrepreneurs are familiar with all the features and nuances of the platform. In addition, the requirements for the functionality of the service may change. It is important to think over a scaling plan in advance, and modify the resource on a regular basis. Therefore, trust the Ocean Agency developers who know how to create a unique and working web resource with limitless potential!

Features of using the framework

A framework for solving a non-standard, original version of a platform. Versions can be responsive, caching and using the new routing from Restful. Laravel started to structure web resources according to the standard, which allows to take into account the requirements of clients.
Setting up a resource on the framework requires special knowledge from the development team, it is important to choose really professionals.
The platform features are:
  • Rapid creation of completely new sites, from scratch;
  • Teamwork. Several specialists are connected: programmers, designers, analysts, marketers. A clear TOR is developed, and only after that they proceed to the structure, unique design, tests, launch with further support;
  • Every file and stage of development is tested. Especially if the project is of high complexity. Finding an error later will be almost impossible and time consuming.

Advantages of Laravel Sites

Many developers opt for Laravel. And all because this service has the following advantages:

  • The framework provides built-in security features: protection against SQL, XSS and CSRF.
  • The ability to configure the service for multilingualism for the site.
  • The platform is constantly up-to-date, as it is regularly updated.
  • Good performance. Thanks to caching tools, all pages of a web resource are loaded quickly.
  • Scalability - a web resource on this service is created taking into account future development. At any time, you can make changes, install additional extensions, and introduce new tools.
  • Development speed. The framework has ready-made modules that can be used to solve popular problems. Using this service allows you to significantly speed up the development process and implement the most creative ideas in a short time.
  • The ability to create a resource structure of any complexity.
  • Updates. With the help of new features, it is possible to improve the resource and keep it in line with the latest trends, taking into account the previous template;
  • Simple administration.

One of the main advantages of the service is easy integration. The Laravel platform offers clean APIs. On this framework, you can add a C1 accounting program, as well as connect a variety of payment systems, including PayPal and WebMoney.


How is a site created on the Laravel platform?

On this service, you can quickly create sites of any complexity from scratch. To develop a full-fledged and functional web portal, you will need a team of specialists, consisting of experienced developers, marketer, designer, copywriter, analyst. We recommend that you trust the development of an online store or a corporate website of our studio. We will do everything right.

To create a high-quality and attractive site on the Laravel framework, you will need to do the following:

  1. The first step is to decide on the goals and objectives of the website. Based on the preferences and wishes of the client, we will write down its features and the necessary functionality, draw up a clear statement of work.
  2. The next step is to create a resource architecture. On the Laravel platform, architecture is created from major to minor. Then the code is written and the building of the control system is done.
  3. Creation of a selling and unique design, layout.
  4. Creation and filling of the site with content. It can be photo, video and text.
  5. Testing. This stage should never be skipped. After all, we do not want to lose users. Therefore, it is important to eliminate all problems and buggies even before launching the resource. Be aware that it takes more time to test the capabilities and tools of complex projects.
  6. Hosting a resource, launch.
  7. We provide technical support.

Creating a beautiful and user-friendly website is not enough for your customers to know about your product. Next, you need to develop a marketing strategy for the development of the project and order search engine promotion.


It is profitable to order a website on Laravel from Ocean Agency professionals
Our specialists have all the necessary knowledge and skills to launch top sites on the Laravel platform with a complex multi-tier architecture, non-standard functions, and well-thought-out interfaces. Check out our portfolio and see for yourself!

More than 8 years of experience with Laravel, which allows us to cope even with complex tasks in a short time, providing clients with the desired result. You can order the creation of a business card website, a corporate website, a profitable online store or an application on the Laravel framework at an affordable cost on the website or by calling. So that we can calculate the price of the service, fill out the brief and describe the tasks to our manager. We will help you develop a website that will distinguish you from your competitors.

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