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Delivery of sushi and rolls ‚ÄĒ



1. Create an online store for a sushi delivery service


1. Create responsive designwith a focus on visuals
2. Fit the delivery service into a one-page site


Card Product

Convenient interface for ordering any position on the site



We created an adaptive version for viewing from a mobile phone

The site "Da!Sushi" - for the delivery of sushi and rolls in Odessa "DaSushi" has become another successfully implemented project of our specialists. Business owners do not always choose large online platforms. One-page sites with well-thought-out functionality, comfortable for users, remain relevant.

Single Page Site Features

The objective of this project was to create a small online store for selling sushi online and ordering delivery. Sushi delivery is a common business in today's environment. The site must effectively offer a service, retain a potential target audience. Therefore, the first thing that catches your eye when you enter the site "DaSushi" - promotions and offers! These are the best prices for large sets. More and more people are choosing to buy sushi at a promotion in Odessa, because the market is huge and competition involves attracting attention with discounts on favorite and delicious sushi, which are popular with customers. Switching proposals in a circle, side arrow - practical and convenient. No need to wait for a new page to load, the information is complete, indicating the weight, cost and photo of the set.

There are also differences between a one-page site:

  • Contacts are indicated in large print at the top, it is possible to open a map with delivery zones and order lead times;
  • A basket is conveniently placed in the corner, the window of which is always at hand, regardless of the location on the site, but at the same time it does not block the visibility of information.

The development allows you to select the desired position and place an order in the shortest possible time.

Delivery of sushi and rolls: which design to choose?

For the food delivery site “DaSushi”, bright orange, shades of yellow on a black background were proposed. Color evokes a desire to eat, is pleasing to the eye, and helps highlight key offerings. Delivery logo - two fish, in the location of yin and yang. It looks interesting and is well remembered. In design development, our team adapted the client's design wishes to the website. This is the basis from which the work of specialists begins, because it is important to take into account all requests when offering your solutions. Responsive design with an emphasis on visuals for the presentation of the service - sushi delivery is just the winning solution.

Menu of offers for one-page site “DaSushi”

The task of fitting the entire range of offers on a one-page platform has become an interesting experience for our developers. It was possible to implement transitions by category of sushi and other dishes and drinks:

  • sets;
  • rolls;
  • hot sushi;
  • poppies;
  • snacks;
  • salads;
  • soups;
  • beverages.

Moving from the selection of an option to the lower part, where each of the products is described in detail.

A team of professionals coped with the customer's request - to make a product catalog in the form of a one-page site without the need to go to separate pages.

When creating the site, PHP Laravel technology was used, which allows us to further develop this site and refine the necessary elements. Also, the functionality of online payment for the order was added to the site.